Holliday’s MVP surge

Halfway through, and the Rockies and Padres are no closer to determining the NL wild-card. Matt Holliday continued to put up his MVP case by singling in the tying run in the bottom of the fifth.

Holliday’s single brings the MVP up for debate again. Conventional wisdom seems to be that Jimmy Rollins secured it with his fantastic final week for the Philadelphia Phillies. But heroics from Holliday tonight could tilt the pendulum toward him, because East Coast voters are likely tuning in for the first time.

Holliday’s hit made it 5-5. Jake Peavy still in there for the Padres, though he’s been unable to protect a 5-3 lead, and he’s getting up there in pitches (no mention from the TBS broadcasters on that point). The Rockies have put their faith in Taylor Buchholz, who replaced Josh Fogg.