Playoff thoughts

A few thoughts as we proceed into Day 3 of the 2007 playoffs:

— Anybody else on the Rockies’ bandwagon? Colorado has impressed in so many ways down the stretch, and now they’re thumping Philadelphia as I suspected they would. One thing that’s going on now with Colorado is that somebody else is stepping to the forefront everyday. On Wednesday, it was Kaz Matsui. In Game 1, it was Jeff Francis. When team’s get that sort of rotation contributions, they become awfully tough to beat. One other thing that continues to impress: The approach of the Rockies’ hitters. They just do not go outside the strike zone very often.

— Another reason to root for the Rockies: They’ve voted a playoff share to the Mandy Coolbaugh, the widow of minor-league coach Mike Coolbaugh. Mike Coolbaugh was killed when he was hit on the head with a line drive on July 22.

— C.C. Sabathia seemed a bit amped at the beginning of his Game 1 start vs. the Yankees, and that may have contributed to some early wildness. But his final pitching line — specifically the five walks — was the result of something else, something that drives managers and coaches from other teams nuts. Simply, the Yankees hitters operate with a strike zone that is smaller than any other team, save perhaps Boston’s. Some of the borderline pitches that went against Sabathia were a joke. I could understand it if he weren’t an established pitcher, but the guy is the Cy Young favorite in the AL, and his walks-per-strikeouts innings ratio was the best in baseball for a starter.

— Got inundated with e-mails from Boston Red Sox fans saying I don’t know a thing about baseball, because I had the audacity to pick the Angels. Granted, that probably wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but I wouldn’t write off the Angels just yet. Kelvim Escobar has been awfully good, and unlike John Lackey, he’s had some success in Fenway Park.

— That said, I won’t be betting against Josh Beckett anytime soon.

Lou blew it for his crew, and now they’re in a hole that’ll be awfully difficult to escape. One hope for the Cubbies. The Diamondbacks have been awfully streaky. Arizona lost at least three games in a row 10 times during the regular season.

— A rather insensitive headline on the back of the New York Post. One bright spot for the Yankees. The blame couldn’t be pinned on Alex Rodriguez.