Beantown Party!!

Well, not a party yet. But close. Say, in about four hours. That’s when the Boston Red Sox will wrap up their second World Series crown in four years, after going 86 years without one. Now we know how Bostonians in the mid-1910’s must’ve felt.

Look, this is no reason to diss the Rockies. Their story was the best story of the year, regardless of what has happened to them. But the bottom line is that they’re not in Boston’s class. The layoff sapped them of their sharpness, which they needed just to stay close. Go position-by-position and Boston has proven superior at pretty much every one (Colorado’s Troy Tulowitzki at shortstop over Julio Lugo a clear exception). Thus the reason the 25-7 cumulative score in the first three game is not a fluke.

Throw in an earthquake, and this World Series would be a virtual carbon copy of the A’s dominance over the Giants in the 1989 Fall Classic — right up to, and including a key hit by a American League pitcher. Last night it was Daisuke Matsuzaka. Back then, MIke Moore.

So don’t be shocked if the Red Sox jump to a healthy margin early on in Game 4 tonight, only to see the Rockies make another run at them. In the end, though, the Red Sox prevail and take their place among the most dominant single-season champs ever. Meantime, the Rockies will go home for the winter, secure in the knowledge that their story will be told for decades to come.

And while you watch, keep a healthy perspective. Rockies starter Aaron Cook and Red Sox starter Jon Lester should help us all do so.