On the Red Sox and more

Gonna try something a bit different today. The powers-that-be want to generate more discussion among the bloggers and the readers, and so do I. Therefore, I won’t pontificate today, but rather, I will throw topics out to you the readers for discussion. Here’s what I’d like to know.

1) Are the Red Sox good for baseball or bad for it? I would argue that they’re simply a clone of the New York Yankees — another evil empire, if you will — but judging from the e-mails (all from Bosox fans), many people feel differently. Your thoughts.

2) Where will A-Rod land? I think this is going to be the most fascinating topic of the offseason. The Yankees don’t want him, can’t imagine the Red Sox would, either. Giants should stay away from him. Angels owner Arte Moreno has said he doesn’t want to devote that much payroll to one player, though it seems the Angels are ready to make a run at him. Maybe the Cubs because A-Rod is tight with their manager, Lou Piniella.

3) Should Joe Torre take the Dodgers job? If I were him, I wouldn’t. Who needs the hassle. That clubhouse is fractured, the division is loaded and it’s doubtful Torre could do anything that would top his efforts in New York.

That’s a start for now. Hope to see some discussion from all of you. Time to find out the true fans from the casual ones.


  • 1) The Red Sox are worse than the Yankees. The reason why they are worse is because they try to deny the fact that they are an evil empire. Look at the salaries they paid in order to win this past W.S. That is proof enough for me, but as you said, Bosox feel differently.

    2) It will indeed be interesting to see where Alex Rodriguez ends up. As of right now, we could probably take the Cubs off the list because they are in the process of being sold. Sure, if Mark Cuban bought the team, A-Rod would be a Cub, but from the media I’ve read, Cuban is unlikely to be allowed into the good old boy’s club that is baseball owners. So, A-Rod will likely end up on the West coast. I could see Sabean dropping the $ for him. The Angels are also a possibility (which would kill the A’s for the next for years). I’ve heard the Dodgers mentioned.

    I’d like to see A-Rod struggle to find work and eventually have to take a lower salary.

    3) Torre on the Dodgers should improve the team for next year. Torre is a way better coach than Grady Little.

    Another question that needs to be asked every offseason: Who’s Beane going to trade away this year?

  • sarchasmic

    I check into this blog occasionally, but favor the ones from Tim Kawakami because of the insight he brings to the GS Warriors, and Glenn Dickey, because he’s got a lot of interesting stories from his time covering Bay Area sports in general. Plus, he’s curmudgeony.

    If you want to generate more readership here, I’d recommend bringing more of what you can bring as a reporter to the reader–stuff that other bloggers don’t necessarily have access to: tidbits on athletes’ and front office’s various personalities, quirks, the way their minds run.

    You don’t have to cross the line of confidentiality, but bring in some insight that shows you’ve got something interesting to offer, because if it’s just opinions, you can get that from the SB Network, MVN, and various other places.

    My two cents.

    Oh, and BoSox fans can shut it. Thanks, buh-bye. 😉

  • Thanks for the input sarchasmic. I’d love to blog about more topics, but for now, baseball is my primary responsibility.

  • I don’t care about the Warriors and really don’t like Glenn Dickey. He’s to cocky for his own good. If he was the spectacular writer he thinks he is he’d have a regular gig somewhere.

    I hate the Red Sox, probably because their fans are idiots. No wait, brain-dead losers. Yeah, all the whining about the Yankees in the world won’t change the overpaid juggarnaut that they’ve become. $52 Mil for Dice-K? waste. Manny? Joke. Shilling? Washed-up. Lowell? Overrated. I could go on, but I won’t. It was kind of fun when they won the series in 04, had that end of an era thing, but if I’d known that the era it was beginning would be like this, I would’ve never bothered being a little awed by the whole thing. I don’t see the Cubs doing this to themselves if they ever win a Series. Of course, the Cubs fans aren’t as insane as the Sox fans are…or annoying. I’ve got to get off this one or I’m going to punch someone in a Red Sox shirt soon.

    I think that Torre should take the Dodgers job, and A-Rod should go with him. He has nothing left to prove, so he doesn’t even need to work now if he doesn’t want to. But even though the western division is crammed with talent, Torre to the Dodgers would bring some credibility back to the team. Really, even though I don’t like the Dodgers because of Kirk Gibson, they need a name brand manager, it is LA after all. And who have they really had since Lasorda left? Nobody, that’s who.

    Plus if he does go, he could bring Mattingly, A-Rod, maybe some other stragglers, (the Yankees have like 7 DH’s, surely some of them could play in the field) and start a west coast dynamic that would be the most competitive division in quite a while. Except for the Giants, they’d all have a shot at the postseason.

    But other than the Dodgers, I see A-Rod as an Angel. The new GM needs to make some sort of major move to improve the team quickly, and landing A-Rod would be the dream come true for most of those Halo-Headed peeps in LA of A.

    Either that or the Rockies, to make a run at 800 in 2008. Help wash the taste of Bonds out of my mind.