Bonds may boycott Hall of Fame.

Barry Bonds is busy making friends and influencing people. Truly, we can’t be surprised at anything this guy does anymore, can we?

Question to the readers: Does anybody care if he decides to boycott the Hall of Fame? About the only thing it means to me is that he won’t speak at his eventual induction ceremony, and the privately, Hall officials would probably pop champagne at the thought of that.

Maybe Barry is simply trying to prove that he, not Alex Rodriguez, is the biggest narcissist in baseball.


  • If all it takes to keep Bonds away from the Hall is a ball with an asterisk, then put that baby on display! With 25 lights shining on it, and 755 laser beams protecting it from those who may be tempted to break into the Hall with a bunch of friends and take back what they feel is theirs.

    Also I doubt that the champagne popping will be to private, most baseball fans would love to participate in that celebration.

    And ‘when I retire in 5 years.’ Seriously, does he think that he’ll play for 5 years? Or that people can’t alter history. Even though that’s exactly what he did. But I guess he means us mortals and peons out in the stands. Not him.

  • Patrick McDuffie

    In every field of endeavor there are dispicable people. I think there is an elephant in the room with this bonds thing. Why is he being singled out for vile and rude treatment when there are many baseball players who did the same thing he did. You may deny it but the proof is in the pudding( which in the case of Bonds has not been found yet)All the fans and writers denegrating Bonds should look in the mirror first, otherwise these are just cheap shots. I have no affinity for Bonds,but there is a problem here that the writers will not address or allow anyone else to address it.So even though I cannot stand him as a person, as an baseball player he is no less than Mantle, Ruth, McGuire and all the other abusers who play baseball.It’s a good thing no one who is not your peer writes about you. Happy hunting.