Steroided out

Got an OK response last week when I threw out three questions for the readers to discuss here on the blog, so with vacation beckoning, I’m gonna go that route again. Here are some questions on which local baseball fans should have some opinion. I’ll be back at the beginning of December with regular filings on the blog again.

1) Have you the fan grown weary of the steroid revelations? Each new report serves only to reinforce what we already know: That most players in the 1990s and early 2000s should be viewed with a skeptical eye. All due credit to reporters Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, but nothing should shock us anymore.

2) What does A’s second baseman Mark Ellis have to do to earn a Gold Glove? This year, he loses out to Detroit’s Placido Polanco, who got the nod for his zero-error season. I’ve seen them both a lot, and bottom line, Ellis gets to and makes plays on balls on which Polanco doesn’t even come close. But Polanco has a better bat, and that sticks out to the voters. All of which doesn’t reflect highly on managers, because they fill out the ballot.

3) If you’re the A’s, do you try to win for one more season or do you rebuild? Seattle Times baseball columnist Larry Stone does a nice job breaking down their situation as they head into the winter.


  • Ellis will never win a Gold Glove as long as he is an Athletic. He’s the best second baseman in the game today, but his less than flashy demeanor, which I love, isn’t suited to getting the attention of the Baseball Tonight crew. They do enjoy their “O-Dog” in AZ, and though it’s a great thing to go through a year without making an error, like you say, Ellis makes the difficult seem routine and the impossible simply difficult. Plus, as I remember, there was a error on Polanco that was changed in order to keep the streak alive. And as those stats show, Ellis only made 5 errors in over 120 more chances. That is far more impressive to me, he played more games, more innnings, argh! It’s just an insult really. I love Ellis and he’s exactly the type of player that I’d tell my son to emulate. He deserves the recognition.

  • Matt Doan

    Great questions Rick.

    Even though I don’t want to know the “shadows” of the game, I found myself so fascinated by what MLBers get caught for HGH and the juice.

    It is a shame that Mark Ellis was robbed of the Gold Glove this year.
    Sadly webgems do have more of an influence on this award than any other in baseball, even among managers.

    I believe the A’s need to continue to play for now and push off another rebuilding effort.

    Did Suzuki provide enough offense in the 2nd half,
    to warrant a starting position in 2008? I don’t think so. Should the team stay patient with Crosby? I say yes, as long as Scutaro is on the roster.