La Russa pleads guilty

Nice to see that St. Louis Cardinals manager and Bay Area resident Tony La Russa stepped forward and pleaded guilty to his DUI arrest in March. Even better to see that he’s not hiding behind some vague statement from a lawyer.

Still would’ve liked to have seen him skip the Cardinals’ ring ceremony last season, because I think he could’ve made a grand statement to the sports culture about the severity of such an offense. But as accountability goes, this is a prime example of La Russa doing the right thing. He’s often been above board in this area throughout his career, and with this action, some of the stain from his DUI arrest has been lessened.

that could’ve spoken volumes as to the severity of punishment that should be expec


  • Frank C.

    Yep, he’s such a great guy!! I’d also like to see LaRussa stand up and admit he’s been an ass when supporting his most cherished player, read – Mcgwire, in relation to the steriod issue. Unfortunately Tony L. has his own peculiar brand of self righteous ethics/justice like most of us…until that time – he’s a steriod supporter…and guilty like the rest.