And the Emmy goes to …

So HBO is going to turn Barry Bonds’ link to BALCO into a movie? Fantastic. We live in a lazy society, so all the folks who haven’t bothered to read “Game of Shadows,” can now take the shortcut and watch the movie version. Then they can pawn off all of Bonds’ troubles on the “creative license” that comes with any such movie.

In the meantime, here would be my picks for the starting roles.

DENZEL WASHINGTON AS BONDS: Bonds ran the clubhouse in San Francisco as if he were a mob boss, and Denzel has already shown his proficiency for such a role with his performance in “American Gangster.” (Also worth considering: Jamie Foxx and Cuba Gooding Jr.)

REGINA FOX AS MARION JONES: She bears a little bit of a resemblance to the disgraced track star, and she’s ready for a leading role. Remember, Game of Shadows was as much about her as it was Bonds. (Also worth considering: Beyonce Knowles, Kerry Washington).

BILLY BOB THORNTON AS VICTOR CONTE: Many of Thornton’s characters seem to have a hint of sleaziness to them, and yet, compelling at the same time. Makes him the perfect man to play this guy. (Also under consideration: Tommy Lee Jones, Rutger Hauer)

KEVIN BACON AND GENE HACKMAN AS THE REPORTERS: Gotta have Bacon in a movie like this, and I’ve always been partial to Hackman. But I’m open to suggestions.