How bad were the Giants?

A few stats to contemplate while waiting for some deals to go down on the second day of the Winter Meetings, courtesy Media News’ Andrew Baggarly.

— The Giants’ .387 slugging percentage was dead last in the major leagues in 2007. Imagine if Barry Bonds hadn’t been in the lineup.

— Speaking of Bonds, he led the Giants with 28 home runs last season. The Giants got a whopping 26 home runs from the rest of their outfield. Ouch.

— The Giants were a whopping 26-44 against their National League West foes last season. No other team in the majors had a worse record against teams in its own division. Shows just large a gap general manager Brian Sabean must close to move up even a couple of rungs.


  • Giants Pat

    Back-up the truck and start loading. Get realistic! The Giants couldn’t win a pennant AT FRESNO with their hitting which is totally pathetic at all levels. Might as well keep Cain and Lincecum if you’re going to waste roster spots on the likes of Tyler Walker. Make Vizquel a roving infield instructor (primary mission: get Eugenio Velez ready). At least Armando Rios is a step in the right direction–but not if you have to give Cain or Lincecum to get him. Why don’t they try to sign Korea’s power-hitting 1st baseman? Andy Phillips is available and they need help at 1b. Inge is available for 3b. Put Frandsen at 2b and leave him there. Send Aurilia, Durham and Roberts elsewhere and get some young, contact hitters with speed.

  • Giants Pat

    If you thought they were bad in 2007 wait until 2008 without Bonds (or anyone else). Cain and Lincecum both might lose 20 games for all the run support they’re going to get. The Giants lowered their ticket prices, does that tell you anything? They may have to charge a dollar for admission and give away beer to ever fill the park again…