Bonds to the A’s?

The full story on this should be posted on our site later tonight, but don’t start buying season tickets based on the idea that Barry Bonds will be with the A’s just yet.

I’ve spent the afternoon making several calls, and I’ve found out enough from people I trust that a) yes, the A’s do have interest in Bonds, but that b) they’re not in a blanket sprint to sign him. Several factors would have to be worked out first (i.e., the money, the potential roster shake-ups that might have to occur to accomodate his salary), not the least of which is deciding whether they’re going to keep Dan Haren or Joe Blanton. From what I’m hearing, they remain very intent on hearing offers for both, and if the right one comes, they’ll jump.

The point is, the likelihood of Bonds sizing up an A’s jersey is far from a slam dunk. Heck, it might not even be a lay-up. It does make for good speculation, however, and thanks to the Internet and the participation of folks like you, that’s all the counts in today’s journalism.

Gotta say, though. I imagine Red Smith, Shirley Povich and all the greats would be rolling their eyes in disgust.