Barry bad idea?

Heard an interesting theory over the weekend regarding the “Barry Bonds to the A’s,” story that caused so much ruckus on Friday. A fellow member of the industry forwarded the thought that the story sounded like a planted leak from some higher-up in the A’s organization as a way to gauge public reaction to the possibility of Barry Bonds joining the team.

I could see that, although I doubt it happened. Signing Bonds has so many ramifications, not the least of which is how many tickets it may sell or how many season-ticket holders it may turn off. The one flaw, of course, is that A’s general manager Billy Beane has always cared less about public reaction or the aspect of ticket sales.

Anyway, if the A’s are concerned about fan reaction, they should take note that a poll on our Web site all weekend indicates most folks are not for it. It’s 11 a.m. on Monday, and as of now, the leading vote getter (at 42 percent) is the one that says, the A’s should not sign Bonds, and if they do, “you can forget about seeing me at McAfee Coliseum.” It is worth noting that 25 percent of the voters think the A’s should sign Bonds. There were 371 votes tabulated.

One other interesting aspect to the story: Ray Ratto’s column this morning in which he essentially writes that Bonds is not the story yet, and that, “he is less likely to be an Athletic than more.” Some scathing comments follow that story, as well.  

Draw your own conclusions.