Bud Selig’s knowledge

Just came across something very interesting during my skimming of the Mitchell Report, so you can scratch what I said earlier about commissioner Bud Selig being absolved of all blame.

Selig consistently has said that he was unaware of the problem in baseball until 1998, when the AP reported that Mark McGwire was using androstenedione (which was legal at the time). But there are several annotations in this report, some of them pointing to stories as early as 1989. So Selig’s stance that he couldn’t have known is bunk, and Mitchell seems to call him on it.

Can’t wait to hear Selig’s response. 


  • Selig’s is a scum bag. Selig wanted to get rid of the twins so his brewers would have a lock in the area a few years back. Every one but him knew of sammy and marks homerun contest. The rest of the oweres are awful so they will kept this bum.