Christmas shopping, A’s style

Spent Thursday afternoon Christmas shopping, and was filled with empathy for A’s fans all around the Bay Area. Seems that the team’s 2008 wall calendar is already out of date.

Yep, there on the cover, in his All-Star form, is former starter Dan Haren. Sure, Nick Swisher, Mark Ellis and Eric Chavez also don the cover, but the appearance of Haren is a harsh reminder of the difficulty in rooting for the team by the Bay. Soon as a player who emerges who can be a new “face” of the franchise, he’s just as likely to be shipped away as he is to help the Oakland’s to a playoff spot.

So mom and dad, if you purchased on of these calendars to put in your child’s room, my suggestion is this: Trash it in favor of an Arizona Diamondbacks’ poster. Easier on the senses to root for the individual A’s who have left than for the laundry they left behind.

Meantime, one other observation on a completely separate note. Jason Grimsley’s affadavit to federal authorities back in 2006 was unsealed Thursday, and several of the names reported to be in it by the Los Angeles Times in October 2006 were not in it. As somebody who has railed on the lack of accountability in sports and society,I have to ask: What sort of ramifications will there be for the reporters of that October 2006 story? What ramifications should there be?

Anyway, this is my last  post until the Christmas holiday has passed. Hope the holiday season treats you well.


  • nancy

    I was out of town for an extended trip. I came back and turned my A’s calendar to November, oops, Joe Kennedy. Quickly turned it to December- Marco Scutaro. Just flipped it to January- Justin Duchscherer- I had almost forgotten that he was on the team.

    then I opened my season ticket renewal package. on the cover, Dan Haren. On the inside cover, Marco Scutaro. Good going guys.