The A’s purge continues — Swisher gone

Ordinarily, this would qualify stunning news —- the A’s dealt Nick Swisher to the Chicago White Sox this morning for three relative no-names — but anybody who has followed Billy Beane through the years knows nothing is ever stunning with him.

Not sure why the A’s would make this move, so looking forward to what Beane has to say during a 1 p.m. conference call. The players the A’s received — outfielder Ryan Sweeney, left-handed pitcher Gio Gonzalez and righty Fautino De Los Santos — fit the A’s stated intention of getting younger, but only time will tell if the A’s have gotten more talented.

Going to be a long, long summer in the House that Al Built. 


  • I’ve decided that since there will be more talent at Sacramento and Stockton, that those two cities will be getting my baseball money this year. I’m thinking that since Oakland is rebuilding for Fremont, I’ll just keep the minor league baseball going. It’s more fun anyway, cheaper tickets, better seats, games between innings, and grass seating in the outfield.

    So long Swisher, I’ll miss the personality. I think I hear Blanton, Johnson, and Street packing their bags also.

  • proxl

    Whaaaaaa??? Not to say something I’ve been saying since 1977, but it really doesn’t pay to have favorite players when you’re an A’s fan.

    Sigh. I’ll have to put Swisher over there with Rudi, Sal, Catfish, Rickey, Stew, Giambi, Miggy, Hudson, Haren.

  • Derek

    The A’s were already young, now they’re simply terrible. Welcome to triple A’s baseball.

    Cheap SOB’s should sell if they can’t afford to field a competitive team.

  • I go to the Ports games. I really don’t know the players but really don’t care. The ball park is great along with the wheather. Most of the time I get free tickets so I only buy the food which is good. Let the A’s leave town to Vegas or Portland and have only one major team in the area like the good old days of Mays and co,