Selling the A’s

Calm down, A’s fans. Lew Wolff and John Fisher have not decided to part ways with their baseball franchise. They haven’t decided to fund it with Fisher’s billions, either, but that’s another story.

No, what I refer to in the headline is the challenge the A’s face in selling tickets for their rebuilding team. The trades of Dan Haren and Nick Swisher have resulted in quite a bit of discontent from the green and gold faithful, so the prospect of a desolate Oakland Mausoleum is great.

The A’s have come up with one interesting idea, however. They will open up three sections in the upper deck, and for $35, fans can purchase a game ticket and unlimited all-you-can-eat items.

According to the release on the A’s Web site, fans can select two food items plus a soda each time they pass through line. Not a bad deal for the price of leaving your car in an AT&T Park parking lot.

Gotta wonder though. Where’s the free beer? That would certainly result in a greater number of fans. If fans are willing to come out and watch what promises to be such a wretched team, they ought to get a pair of beers for their effort, don’t you think?


  • I have a better idea gets someone who’s knows how to run a ball club. This is the worst ownership since the A’s came to Oakland.

  • W. C. Minor

    If the free food deal includes being able to toss the foodstuffs at owner Lew Wolff, I’m in. Otherwise, Wolff and his Triple-A team can stuff it. I’m no longer an A’s fan. Contract Wolff!