Andy Pettitte speaks

Andy Pettitte faced the music about an hour ago at the New York Yankees’ camp, and before start any more of those annoying “St. Andy” testimonials, let’s start with this:

He’s been caught in another lie.

The latest was revealed when Pettitte told the assembled gathering at the Yanks’ camp in Florida that his friendship with Roger Clemens has been strained, but that “Roger knows how I feel about him. He knows I’ve admired him and continue to admire him. He’s a great friend to me.”

Now, that may well be true — though why would he continue to admire Clemens? — but it goes in direct contrast to what a “friend” of Pettitte told Newsday on Jan. 19. The friend said that Clemens and Pettitte “were never as close as they were made out to be.”

Didn’t see Pettitte rush to clarify his views once that article was written. So, in essence, he was an accomplice to that lie. Or, he’s lying now about his feelings toward Clemens. Either way, it adds to Pettitte’s “mis-truth” total, and by now, I’ve lost track of the number. Needless to say this “role model” or “consistent honesty,” (Representative Henry Waxman’s words) could have a dueling-nose fight with Pinocchio by now. 

OK, that said, Pettitte deserves a little credit (very little) for sitting down with the media, becuase the gutless, baseball-player thing to do would’ve been to avoid it altogether. And he does seem genuinely sorry for his role in baseball’s steroid mess. Hopefully, Clemens was watching. He could learn from Pettitte’s humility.