Back-to-back trouble?

The A’s won’t admit it, but there has to be concern in the organization that the left side of the infield is feeling some familiar twinges.

Third baseman Eric Chavez has done no activity since Friday after getting an epidural in his back on Friday, and after talking with him Monday, it’s pretty clear he’s discouraged about his prospects for Opening Day in Japan. Chavez sounded very down in his interview, and though it’s awfully hard to gauge a guy’s mood, you can tell when he’s optimistic or pessimistic and Chavez seemed the latter.

Meantime, Bobby Crosby missed today’s exhibition game with upper back spasms. The A’s emphasized that the pain came from the upper to mid-portion of the back and not the lower half. The lower half is what got out of whack two seasons ago when Crosby missed 52 games.

Still, back injuries are tricky and it’s hard make them go completely away.  So no matter what they say, it has to be nervous time for the A’s.