Giant headaches

Anybody out there think this doesn’t have the makings of one of the most miserable seasons in Giants history?

Latest misery, category No. 1: Noah Lowry. He had surgery on his throwing  arm today for a very strange injury. So strange, that the Giants apparently couldn’t find another player in their long history has had the same problem. Lowry’s pathetic spring has inspired memories of Steve Blass and Rick Ankiel, and Lowry thinks such comparisons are ludicrous. Maybe so, but everytime he goes to the mound and is wild, those whispers will start. By the way, the heavy rumor in Arizona was that Lowry was going to be the primary trade bait in the Giants’ attempt to lure Joe Crede away from the White Sox. If that’s the case, that trade is off for a while.

But the bottom line is that until he gets out on the mound and can prove he can still throw strikes consistently, there will be a lot of wondering going on. Who knows, maybe Ankiel and Blass had the same ailment and it just went undiagnosed.

Giants misery No. 2: Kevin Frandsen. Hate to throw out the tag line, “He stinks,” but that’s what I’m hearing more and more about this kid. And what does it say that the Giants would sooner use somebody with no big-league experience _ Ivan Ochoa (never higher than Triple-A), Brian Bocock and Emmanuel Burriss (neither higher than Single-A) are the candidates now after the Giants scrapped the Frandsen-to-shortstop scenario. Omar Vizquel, get well soon.


  • Ronda

    So you are “hearing more and more” that Frandsen “stinks” – and thats it? What are we supposed to make of that? Stinks at what? At short – thats obvious, not a surprise and not news. Are you “hearing” that all of a sudden this spring he stinks defensively at 2b too? That he stinks at hitting? That he stinks as a teamate? Who are you “hearing” this from – front office, coaches, scouts, players, other writers? Are you at spring training? Give your readers a little credit.