Barry, Barry concerned?

The Giants are insisting that there is little reason to be that concerned about Barry Zito, despite the fact that two of his three spring starts have smelled like a slaughterhouse. Well, given that logic, there shouldn’t be any reason to be that excited about Ray Durham, either.

Truth of the matter is that Zito won’t be as bad as he’s shown this spring. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be any better than he was during his 2007 flop. He may well be better, but he’s gonna have to prove it.

Same with Durham. He may not hit .218 again, but I doubt he’ll return to the .280-with-pop guy that he was a couple of seasons ago.

These are just two names I’m throwing out there for the Giants. To go over the rest of the roster would be too darn depressing.

Your thoughts?


  • I’m an A’s fan who’s always enjoyed Zito, but he’s been riding that Cy Young award for much longer than he should have been allowed to. He’s guaranteed to go about 200 innings and not miss any of his starts, but if all his starts involve worrying about how his mind thinks he feels that day, then it’s going to be a long year where he struggles to win 12 games. He’s simply not going to be the Greg Maddox that everyone hoped he would become. He’ll always struggle with command, and he’s going to change his motion all the time. I hope he does better, but I doubt he will.

  • kevin

    Seems like a classic over-thinker, with too much ability to rationalize and explain away poor performance rather than looking in the mirror, pulling up his pants and getting to work with some grit and determination.