BoSox roar back

You had to see this coming. The A’s with the numerous wasted opportunities early, no longer have their two-run lead. The Red Sox have roared back with three runs in the sixth, and Joe Blanton is departing.

Blanton deserved better. More runs for one. Better defense for another. Travis Buck was unable to pull in a drive by Dustin Pedroia in right field to start the sixth, and things have unraveled from there. If the A’s don’t make all the defensive plays that are presented or cash in on chances, this year will be just as long as anticipated.

Of course, it helps that the Red Sox have that potent lineup. Manny’s two-run double was the significant blow, and a single by some guy named Moss singled to put the Red Sox ahead.

Bobby Crosby leads off the bottom of the sixth. Inspires confidence, doesn’t it?