Street signs?

Several years ago, went to a Giants home opener at Candlestick Park and wandered into the upper deck to meet a buddy. It was an hour before game time, and he was on the edge of his seat, the heart about to pump out of his chest.

“This game,” he said, “is gonna set the tone for the whole season.”

I bring this up, because Huston Street may be in for a brutal 2008 if that theory applies. He’s just been raked for a two-run double by Manny Ramirez, the capper on an Opening Night in which he’s blown a save and now given up a tie. Just what you want, especially when you’re team is supposed to be one of the league’s dregs.

If nothing else, the A’s are going to find out just how mentally tough Street is, because this was a brutal one. Street is as sound as they come in that area, probably because his old man was a football star at Texas and passed on knowledge of failure as well as success.

Still, you have to wonder where this will lead. On that night in Candlestick, the late Dan Quisenberry blew a lead late and proceeded to have a miserable year.


  • Derek

    Huston Street has been a over hyped medicre closer his entire career. The guy is very average, almost below average.

    He blows far to many opportunities, which is why I’d hoped the A’s would have dealt him during the off season