The Sweeneys

Interesting to note that Mike Sweeney wasn’t in the Opening Night lineup for the A’s. Wouldn’t read a whole lot into that. Manager Bob Geren will have a juggling act on his hands getting Sweeney, Jack Cust and Emil Brown regular playing time, and he obviously opted for defense by putting Brown in left and going with Cust as the DH.

As for center field, Ryan Sweeney got the nod. Sweeney was one of the acquisitions in the Nick Swisher trade back in January, so theA’s would like him to succeed. But the fact that he got the nod over Chris Denorfia doesn’t necessarily mean he’s won the job. Also in the mix is Carlos Gonzalez, who was one of three players the A’s declared ineligible for these two games. Gonzalez is battling a hamstring injury.

What would you like to see the outfield configuration look like? 

Still 2-0 A’s, by the way. Joe Blanton continues to be stingy with men on base. He got David Ortiz to ground out with runners at first and second to end the third. Meantime, Daisuke Matsuzaka seems to be finding his groove for Boston.

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  • diamond jim

    What do you think of having these games over there? Personally, I think it’s absolutely retarded. Baseball’s Opening Day is a sacred day in American and fostering it overseas is a crime to me. I’m a big baseball fan so even though I don’t root for the A’s, I’m up watching the game (set my alarm for 3 a.m. and will head back to bed after the game), but I’d still much rather not be watching this game from Japan. Another thing, if their going to have these games in Japan, they need to have them scheduled at times so it’s not in the middle of the early morning in the U.S. Those fans over there would go to a game at any time (Do you by chance know what time locally it is in Japan?), so why not schedule it so the games are a normal hour for us?