More Bay’s-Ball Answers

Slightly more than 48 hours to domestic Opening Day, and a weekend until the Giants get going for real. A chance to answer some more questions abou the locals.

1) Does acquiring Coco Crisp make any sense for the A’s?

Sure it does. But not immediately. Take some time and see if Chris Denorfia can play. The A’s got him when he was recovering from Tommy John surgery, after all, and if you like a guy that much, give him time to show what he can do. If it doesn’t work out, then Crisp would be a decent short-term solution (but I wouldn’t give up a ton for him) until Carlos Gonzalez proves he’s ready.

2) What’s going to happen with Dan Johnson? Is it possible he winds up with the Giants?

First of all, he’ll end up with some rare physical malady. Sorry, twisted humor there. Bottom line is that Johnson will be the forgotten man for the A’s if Jack Cust, Mike Sweeney and Daric Barton stay healthy and productive. General manager Billy Beane is very good about moving guys to situations that are more suitable for them, so I’d be extremely surprised if the A’s kept Johnson around to rot. He’d be a decent solution for the Giants if Dan Ortmeier flames out at first base, but at this point, what do the Giants have that the A’s need?

3) Are the Giants going too far in removing everything Bonds-related from their park?

Absolutely. I mean, first they sell their soul for the guy and cripple the franchise in the chase for the almighty home run record. Now, they want to pretend he didn’t even exist? I’m all for the Giants moving on (two years too late), but don’t pretend Bonds was never here. It’s hypocritical, and the fans will see right through it.