Opening Day

Well, re-Opening Day, I guess. Regardless what you call it, the season is upon us. Chance to revisit some last-second decisions by the A’s and Giants.

— Sending Carlos Gonzalez to the minors was a no-brainer move for the A’s. I don’t care how many tools a guy has, minor-league seasoning is almost always necessary. If Gonzalez is everything the A’s think he is, he’ll be back in the big leagues (to stay) before we know it.

— Gotta imagine Dan Johnson’s future with the A’s has a short leash. Wrote about that today, and unless there’s a significant injury to Daric Barton or Mike Sweeney or Jack Cust, his playing time will be limited. The A’s will consider it a gift to get him through waivers if and when the time comes, because he’s decent insurance in case either of the above three bombs. That said, a 9-for-52 spring doesn’t inspire much confidence that he’ll become a more consistent hitter.

— Let’s temper the “Rich Harden is back” enthusiasm. I agree, the guy generates an incredible amount of buzz, but it’s only one start. He’s whetted our appetite in the past.

Love stories like Steve Holm’s. Every spring, somewhere, it seems a guy whose page in the media guide you never even stop to browse ends up on the big-league roster. Unfortunately, it also says a whole lot about the Giants’ depth behind the plate.

— Not thrilled that the Giants are going with so many veterans on Opening Day, but listened to Mike Krukow on KNBR this morning, and he rationalized that veterans are more equipped to handle the hype of Opening Day. Maybe so, but if the Giants truly are in a transition and development year, then why wait?

— Barry Zito won’t last past five innings today.