Lit Street

Anybody out there alarmed by the first impression Huston Street has left? As the A’s brace to begin their first non-Boston series of the season tonight against the Boston Red Sox, Street’s struggles are just as much a concern, if not more, than the quiet offense.

Street has allowed home runs in two of his three appearances this season and has allowed four runs in 2 2/3 innings (he’s blown his only save chance). Wish I could say it’s a surprise that both of the long balls have come against lefties (David Ortiz and Brandon Moss), but it’s not. Lefties hit Street regularly down the stretch last season, and four of the five homers he allowed in his 50 innings came against left-handed swingers.

The other thing that’s concerning is Street’s appearance against left-handers. He just doesn’t appear confident against them. It’s a subtle thing, but some scouts have picked up on it, and I would imagine fans are starting to notice it, too.

This is an issue that bears watching.


  • Derek

    The guy has never been lights out. He’s a set-up man being utilized as a closer. He’s to unreliable for that job.