Dan Johnson designated for assignment

Looks like we’re about to find out just how much worth Dan Johnson’s career has at this point. Reports are circulating that he’s been designated for assignment to clear room on the 25- and 40-man rosters for Greg Smith, tonight’s starting pitcher.

The A’s, according to industry people with whom I’ve spoken, couldn’t give away Johnson during spring training. I think that’s probably a harsh assessment; the A’s never want to give away anybody. But Johnson clearly doesn’t command much, and it is possible he’ll make his way through waivers and wind up back in the minors.

Even if doesn’t, my guess is that it’s not a big loss. Johnson strikes me as a prototypical 4A player. He’ll always be a good minor-league player, but never a great major leaguer.

Your thoughts?


  • It was going to be rough for Johnson coming into the year with just Barton to contend with, then with the acquisition of Sweeny, you could see the writing on the wall. Beane will move him at some point, maybe if he hits well in Sacramento, we’ll have a couple more Double-A pitchers soon. I like Johnson though. He has some massive holes in his swing, but I hope to see a Pena like comeback from him in a couple years.