Harden: Deja vu all over again

Woke up this morning to the talking heads on KNBR announcing that Rich Harden’s next start has been pushed back again. Perused the Internet, and sure enough “it’s not too likely” he’s starting on Saturday.

Good grief! What is it with this guy?! I’m all for being cautious, and I understand it’s only April. But at some point, Harden has to pitch through some of his pain and get on the mound. I’m guessing Joe Blanton doesn’t feel 100 percent every single time he’s on the hill.

A’s fans, how tired are you of this repeated pattern?


  • I thought he was some tough Matt Stairs type Canadian, but he seems to be becoming some softy French Canadian wuss type. I understand getting hurt and all, but at some point, either keep going or retire. I love this kid when he’s able to pitch, but I don’t feel he’ll ever be a starter. And at the rate he gets hurt, I don’t know if he could even be a closer someday. Maybe if his body could handle it, he could be the greatest right-handed specialist the game has ever known. Coming in to get the Manny’s and A-Rod’s of the world. Beyond that, I think it’s time to see what we can get for him.