Hey Miggy, you’re so old

This one falls under the category of “ex-A’s,” but since a lot of you have never really lost your love for Miguel Tejada, here’s an interesting item. Tejada now admits he’s two years older than previously thought.

Does this make you change your minds about the A’s decision to let him leave after the 2003 season? Not mine. I always felt that if the A’s kept Tejada and let Eric Chavez depart, they may have gotten over the hump in 2004 or 2005.

Would love to know how the Astros feel about this.


  • I find it interesting that all the other papers he has show his b-year as ’74. Was this something that they really didn’t know about before? I’m curious to know if it’s cheaper to sign a 17-year-old than a 19-year-old. If it is, then I get the lie.

    As for whether the A’s should’ve kept Tejada, looking at it now, I think they should have. But again, this is years later after we’ve discovered that Chavvy has become more than just good friends with the DL and unable to produce. At the time, I hated to see Miggy go, but with Crosby’s potential at the time, I felt they kept the right player. Who was our next 3B in line? Teahen?