Who’d you rather be?

Did my annual, “What Team Would You Rather Be?” column regarding the A’s and Giants today? Wanna hear from fans out there in A’s nation? What do you like most about this team, and aside from the lack of power, what do you like the least? And what should they do regarding Frank Thomas? Sign him, or pass on him?

Incidentally, Rajai Davis, a symbol for some of the Giants’ poor management, is now an Athletic.


  • kevin

    Hard to argue with Giants adding Aaron Rowand, but I was hoping to see Davis in CF for 162 games…maybe woulda been .275/75 SBs and a Gold Glove?

  • First off, we have to pass on Thomas. I loved him two years ago, but that was two years ago. I know he’s a lock for a first ballot induction to Cooperstown, but Willie Mays in is the Hall and I wouldn’t want him on the team right now. I think with Sweeny as our RH DH we’ll be better off as a team than with Thomas. He’s not going to get the amount of AB’s that he wants so why waste his time, and ours.

    Other than that, I love the surprises that I’m seeing with this team, I didn’t expect such a good team at such an early point in the season. Of course, the past 10 years we’ve played .300 ball in April and made a run at the playoffs, so since we’re doing so good now, I fully expect to be out of the race by July and sending Good-bye cards to Blanton and Street. But where’s the defense? There are simply too many errors on this team. Like last night with E. Brown letting a routine ground ball in the outfield go through his legs. That’s just pitiful, I have 5-year-olds on my T-ball team that could make that pickup all season.