Frank Thomas is an Athletic

Just got to the park, opened my e-mail and received an A’s release that Frank Thomas has agreed to terms with the A’s. More on this later, obviously, but I imagine this will have huge ramifications for Jack Cust and Mike Sweeney.

More later.  


  • Byron Shirley

    I’m thinking why not replace Cust with Thomas? Sweeney seems to have nicely fit in, as you mentioned, while Cust, as much as I like his story, is not doing so hot this year. Yes, we expected his BA to be low, his SO to be high, but also his HRs to be high, too. Hasn’t happened yet. What do you think will happen?

  • Tony Hicks

    So what’s your take on this, Rick? It may – may – be a cheap way to get an extra 20-25 homers in the line-up, but that only works if you don’t have Sweeney hitting .300 and Cust (who will produce just as much power as Thomas) vying for ABs. Why upset the balance that seems to be working? The last thing the A’s need is another reason to get Cust into the outfield.

  • Well, I guess my former comments weren’t read by the A’s brass. How rude of them. In light of this new information, I’d like to welcome The Big Hurt back to the East Bay and hope that he’ll be able to help this team and flow with the chemistry that’s been created. Please don’t remove Mike Sweeney from the equation.

  • Jeff Winston

    Right-handed Pop. We’ve been looking for it for years, and now we’ve got it. Bobby Crosby, Mike Sweeny and Big Frank. The Big Hurt returns. It very well could all crash and burn but, as my brother and I always say…”You never know.”