The Big Hurt’s on board

Frank Thomas was in the clubhouse when the media was allowed in this morning, and he was in the lineup hitting fourth for the A’s. That’s how quickly these things can take place.

The quick rundown:

— Thomas said he’s thrilled to be back, that he never really wanted to leave after becoming a free agent after 2006, and that he’d been hitting the ball well in Toronto. He also said he had no doubt Toronto’s release of him was contractually motivated.

— Mike Sweeney said he’s cool with it, which is what you’d expect. But in Sweeney’s case, it’s impossible to doubt his sincerity. The guy wants to win. He’s at first base today and will be there quite a bit going forward.

— Daric Barton, the usual first baseman was on the bench. Don’t read too much into this. Barton hadn’t had a day off all season.

Bottom line: There are enough at-bats to go around. I’m still not sure Thomas will prove to be the greatest fit for this team, but the A’s are smart to give it a shot. It’s a no-risk move for them, and they can scrap it in a month or six weeks if it’s not working.


  • Bring Back Barry

    Could the 2008 Giants use a power hitting veteran to hit cleanup in the middle of this young lineup? And how great would it be to look back on 2008 as the year the young players emerged and an old hero, already the all-time home run leader, picked up his 3,000th hit playing one more season by the bay?

    In 2007, with just 340 AB’s Barry Bonds hit 28 home runs had 66 RBI and walked 132 times.

    In 2007 Rich Aurilia, Ray Durham and Dave Roberts with almost four times the at bats (1,189) amassed 18 home runs, 127 RBI and 117 walks.

    In little more than ¼ of the at-bats, Bonds scored 48% of the runs, 52% of the RBI and 45% of the total bases that Aurilia, Durham and Roberts produced.

    In 2007, Aurilia, Durham and Roberts combined hit .241, slugged .357 and managed a .340 OBP.
    In 2007, Barry Bonds hit .276, slugged .565 and got on base at a .480 clip.

    In 2007, Rich Aurilia, Ray Durham, and Dave Roberts were paid a collective $15.5 million and put countless hundreds of fans in the seats at ballparks across the National League.

    In 2007 Barry Bonds earned $15,533,970 and put millions of fans in ballparks across America.

    In 2007, Barry Bonds became Major League Baseball’s all time home run leader. I wonder, in little more than ¼ of the at-bats, what percentage of fan excitement Barry Bonds produced. Who exactly was the drain on payroll? Who exactly aged the team? http://www.bringbackbarry.com

  • zzZZZ

    Are you kidding me the big hurt is better right now and he didn’t need the help of roids to get his numbers