Time for an early test

Repeat after me — “It’s still early,” — before you call the A’s upcoming series at Anaheim a big one. But it does stand out as much as a late April series can, because we’re about to find out whether the A’s can hang with the AL West’s big dog.

Make no mistake, the Angels are the favorites in the division. Their starting pitching is so deep that they’ve hardly skipped a beat with ace John Lackey and fellow rotation mate Kelvim Escobar each on the disabled list. Torii Hunter has had a great first month, and Vlad Guerrero is still scary good.

That’s why I’m particulary interested in seeing what the A’s do in these four games. Winning a series in Seattle was big, and the way they did it was bigger. On Sunday, they overcame Felix Hernandez. On Friday, they won, because a great play by Bobby Crosby in the ninth negated the fact that they had only three hits. Such are games you don’t normally win, and when you start winning them, it gives off the hint that something special may be brewing.

What happens in Anaheim this week will reveal whether that brew is worth tasting.


  • ak

    Early or no – this was a fun game to listen to and watch. This team has been very fun – much more than anticipated.

  • Stallion

    Agreed. I’ve enjoyed watching this team over the past years teams when they had Tejada and Giambi. It’s nice to see them put a few hits together and run the bases. Pitching is always amazing. In Beane we trust.

  • Brian

    As an Angel fan Monday was no fun at all. But then Jon Garland has been horrible so far. No wonder the White Sox traded him. I hope he figures his problems out. For a groundball pitcher he sure is giving up a lot of flyball hits.

    Game two was a great classic Angels-A’s pitching duel. If there’s a silver lining to the Lackey and Escobar injuries it’s that Joe Saunders will finally prove he deserves to stay in our rotation. The last two years he’s come up and done what was asked of him. Poor guy must have been depressed when we traded for Garland. Now he’s proving to be the ace who gets the big win after Garland stinks it up.

    The A’s are off to a great start. Hopefully they’ll stick around and the Mariners will falter. I don’t like the Mariners. I’m no A’s fan but I like the duels the Angels and A’s have. Most games are great close games.

    Game three could be another great duel. The new Ervin Santana is pitching. Of course, the old Ervin Santana always did well against the A’s.