Greg Smith dazzles

I continue to be more and more impressed with left-hander Greg Smith. He lost last night to Joe Saunders and the Angels, but he’ll win most of the time if he pitches the way he did. I’m not sure he throws any two pitches the exact same speed, and he mixes his stuff like he’s been doing this for years.

Talked to A’s manager Bob Geren during the last homestand about Smith, and the word that kept coming up was poise.  This kid does not seem the least bit in awe of where he is. That’s a rarity in this game, and when a team finds it, they better hold onto it.

Anyway, relatively important games for the A’s over the next two days. Important in the sense that a series win over the Angels would seem to announce that the A’s plan to be a thorn in the Angels’ side this summer. Even a split would send a good message.

Incidentally, I’m curious what A’s fans have to think not only about Greg Smith, but about the collapse of Barry Zito with the Giants? Give me your thoughts.


  • Byron Shirley

    I love what the young A’s are doing this year, and it’s good to see we still have that very strong pitching staff, year after year, coupled with an offense that can run and put together hits–but not HRs, so far.

    Zito? I feel sorry for the guy, but I’m glad we once again used a player to the best possible use, then moved on (like Giambi, Mulder, Hudson,…).

    Now, if we had kept Tejada for Chavez….

  • Smith has looked great, but I’m still only cautiously optomistic. Let’s see what he does the second and third time around against AL opponents.

    As for Zito, I always thought his problems were between the ears. That may still be the case, but as a Giants fan you have to be conerned about his velocity which continues to diminish and his curve ball, which has flattened out. It looks like his diminishing skills and his perpetual lack of confidence have combined to make him infinitely worse.

    What’s strange is that early in his carreer Zito was a beast in big games. I’ll never forget that absolute gem he threw in game 3 of the 2001 ALCS…now if only Little G would have slid…

  • Texas Todd

    I agree with Heath that Smith looks great. Consider he was a non-roster invitee to Training Camp and has certainly proved he belongs. As far as seeing him the second and third time around. I’ve met Smith and immediately became impressed with is all baseball
    “presence.” I’d say he isn’t showing all his stuff to the teams the first time either.