Home again

So, a 4-3 road trip for the A’s to Seattle and Anaheim. A split with the Angels. An 18-12 record through 30 games. You folks starting to get excited yet?

I’m excited, but not for any of those reasons. I’m psyched, because I proved to myself last night that I can play the outfield as well as a major-league outfielder. Snagged both of the high flies that came my way last night in my Thursday night softball league, and they were at least as difficult as the one that Jack Cust dropped.

Unfortunately, however, I never could hit like a major leaguer (or like a high schooler, for that matter), so Cust has got me there. Interesting to see his bat wake up last night, because his at-bats already have become increasingly scarce since Frank Thomas was signed.

Anyway, the A’s need to back that series up by beating up on their old friend Ron Washington this weekend. Wash is hanging by a thread as the Rangers’ manager (too bad, too, because he’s one of best guys in the biz) and his team is a mess. So the A’s have a chance to build on their big swell of momentum.