Bad, bad, Emil Brown …

Baddest cat in the whole A’s clubhouse. Well, maybe not, but the man has become an RBI machine like the A’s haven’t seen this early in the season for a long time.

Posed this question to a couple of buddies last night:  What should we make of Brown?

On the one hand, there’s the part of me that says there is no way he can keep up this pace. Just look at his track record.

On the other hand, he put together a couple of pretty good seasons for some pretty bad Kansas City Royals teams. So maybe what we’re seeing is the start of a career year, created because a guy has found the right team at the right time. Could call this a classic “change-of-scenery” boon.

Any feeling by A’s fans one way or the other? Let me know, and we’ll get selected comments in the baseball package in Sunday’s paper



    Brown is just the tip of the “out of nowhere” iceberg. This entire team is coming from left field. Who would have thought any of this was going to happen? I sure didn’t. I thought I was in for a pretty rough season but I was DEAD wrong. I’m not trying to breakdown what is going on because, once again, it’s Beane Magic. All I know is that this team continues to impress me, eventhough Sox/Yanks-owned ESPN continues to sweep them under the rug.

    One this is for certain, Chavy and Harden are gone at the All-Star break. If not then, the end of the season for sure. They proved they can be competitive without them.

  • FJ

    Emil’s rep in Kansas City:

    * Consistent RBI man when given playing time.
    * Below average base runner
    * Below average fielder
    * Not a great clubhouse guy

    Looks like you’re seeing exactly that.

    FJ in OP