Erroneous reasoning?

Most of you have probably seen the ball Emil Brown failed to catch in the eighth inning of the A’s loss to Tampa Bay on Tuesday. If you haven’t, here’s the short version: Brown lost a ball in the lights, and instead of an inning-ending flyout, Dioner Navarro’s ball went for a game-winning double.

The ball originally ruled an error by official scorer David Bush. My question is that why it didn’t remain that way. Brown did lose the ball in the lights, and there is the reasoning that no player should be penalized for such a thing. But Brown also took a lousy route to the ball, and in doing so, may have put himself in harm’s way.

To Brown’s credit, he said all the right things after the game. And to Bush’s credit, he consulted with Brown before changing the call.

But in conversing with some people before the game, one A’s insider said that Brown should’ve worn the error, and I thought it was a good point. As this person said, it was bad enough that Brown’s failure to catch ball saddled Greg Smith with a loss, but by not insisting that he be charged with an error, Brown also saddled both pitchers with some additional earned runs.

Simply put, that’s not the team thing to do.


  • Texas Todd

    What can Brown do for you? He can hang your pitching staff out to dry. While your team mates stick up for you, you return the favor by throwing them under the bus. Admit your mistake.

  • Asfan

    Brown thought that was the best route and erred.
    Give Geren an assist, 8th inning when he had better defensive subs on the bench?
    The A’s hitters are ugly defenders, …and vice versa. RSweeney is a breath of fresh air with his CF defense and hitting 300! Emil Brown is on contract for ’08 only. Hopefully Buck regains his health (I know, I know…Geren is mgr) and EBrown can be traded leaving us RSweeney, Buck, Linden, RDavis, and part timer Cust.
    It also wouldn’t hurt at all if BB’s new holy grail: 22 yr old Carlos Gonzales; remembered what bats are for. So far he is looking like a platoon vs righties but he is way too young to rush. (Like Barton?)

  • Bee

    Hi, rick,

    I’m with you. It should have been an error. It’s bad enough that Greg Smith got tagged with the loss. He shouldn’t also have been tagged with the extra 3 earned runs. It boggles the mind that Bush changed the ruling. It was Brown’s fault, lights or no lights.

    The series sweep against the Red Sox was awe-inspiring. Good pitching does beat good hitting. It is especially amazing as the last time the A’s held the Bosox to one run in a game (Duke’s near no hitter) was in the 1930’s! Wow! And they are the reining world champs. Our guys should be proud.

    Going to the game tonight to cheer them on!

    Write on!

    Bee Hylinski