Near no-no and the Duch

I don’t understand baseball anymore.

It’s been that way for a while, I guess. I’m not a huge subscriber to the theories that on-base percentage is more telling than batting average, or that on-base percentage-plus- slugging is a better indicator than RBI. I realize how baseball business operates, and how the thinking of the game has changed, but in a sense, I’d argue it’s also like reinventing the wheel.

Which brings me to tonight. I covered Justin Duchscherer’s gem against the Red Sox, and to put it in the simplest terms, he was filthy. Perfect through five. A no-no through 6 1/3. And a one-hitter through eight innings.

And then a seat on the bench? 

As one of the pressbox cohorts said to me when I muttered that I don’t understand this game anymore, “Talk to Huston Street’s agent.” Exactly. Money and Moneyball thinking rule the game. Nobody seems to manage with a feel for the game anymore. Time was, a starting pitcher would’ve fought to the death before giving up the ball with a one-hitter after eight.

Guess I’ll always long for those days.