Chavy is back

Quick news out of the A’s clubhouse before their series finale against Toronto. Third baseman Eric Chavez has been activated from the disabled list, and designated hitter Frank Thomas has gone on it.

Chavez wasn’t supposed to be back this quickly, but he said his back has felt great during his rehab stints, and that within the past 10 days, he’s finally gotten his legs where they need to be. And with Thomas hurt, the A’s needed an offensive boost and Chavez has been swinging the bat very well in the minors.

Chavez will DH today, and the plan, according to manager Bob Geren, is to have him play third base for two days in Texas, then DH in the finale.  That pattern _ two games at third, one at DH _ will continue for the time being, but that plan is in pencil, not pen.  It’s worth noting that former A’s center fielder Mark Kotsay returned June 1 last year from the exact same back surgery. The difference being that Kotsay’s surgery took place in June, and Chavez’s was in November.

As for Thomas, he said he’ll be able to hit in eight to nine days and that he doesn’t anticipate a long stay. He has a strained quadriceps muscle, and the A’s are being cautious that he doesn’t tear the tendon.

Your thoughts?


  • Bee

    I am keeping my fingers crossed about Chavy–I hope he will be his old self of 3-4 years ago, and stay healthy. I think platooning him with Hanahan at least for a while until he gets fully back into shape and can hit Major League pitching is a good idea. Although Jack Hanahan told me Tuesday night that he welcomes Chavy’s return, he has been so good that I hate to see him on the bench a lot. At least while Donny Murphy is on the DL, he should be the back-up infielder, hopefully ahead of Gregorio Petit. but we’ll have to wait and see what Bob Geren does with Hanny. It is nice to have so many options.

    On another topic, Cust became a liability in the field today. I thought he was becoming a half-way decent outfielder, but I gather from what I heard on the radio he had a tough time out there. Hopefully, this (and all the other bad things that happened today)was just a fluke.


  • Oakland Si

    Kotsay had back surgery in February 2007, not June. In other words, he got activated to the major league club much more quickly than did Chavez.

  • Jan K Oski

    I’m with you, Bee, in crossing my fingers, but I’m also trying to cross my toes. It ain’t easy… 3-4 years is a long time in baseball, and there are few players who are capable of changing course. Chavez will always be a stellar fielder, but his best swings are well behind him. I hope I’m wrong, and Chavez lights up the scoreboard.

    Murphy replacing Petit? I hope not! Donny could be a defensive replacement, but his .200 BA and 21 Ks in 55 AB should earn him only a place on the bench. Petit might strike-out a lot, but his OBP is 100 points better than Murphy’s. We all know how Beane loves OBP, look no further than Cust. It’s a no-brainer for giving Crosby or Ellis a day-off, Petit is the man unless his batting numbers fall to Murphy’s.

    Too, it is well-documented that the A’s need a competent leadoff hitter. Guess where Petit batted for Rivercats?

    Also, let’s not forget that the A’s are rebuilding, so they need to give playing time to players who earn it, not those who contribute more of the same. Another pressing thought is the A’s might be in desperate need of a 2B next year, since Ellis will be a free-agent at the end of this year.

  • Bee

    Good points, Jan. Actually, most of the team is ssigned through 2008 only. We may see lots of changes in 2009. We’ll miss ’em, but the kids coming up are pretty exciting too. Cheers.