Sweet Sweep

Got out to the empty spaces a.k.a. McAfee Coliseum on Wednesday and watched the A’s complete a three-game sweep of the Detroit Tigers. Lots for the A’s to feel good about (and on a side note, Detroit can’t feel good about anything). Such as …

— Travis Buck and Daric Barton seem to be coming around. Buck homered Wednesday and has gone deep twice in the past four games. He’s 6-for-21 with five RBI and four runs scored in his past five. He’s spraying the ball to both fields and to the gaps, and that’s a great sign. Barton, meantime, is starting to lay off close pitches and not pull off the outside ones. The result is a mini-surge in which he’s hit in six of his past eight games, going 9-for-26 and lifted his average from .211 to .230. He also turned on pitches twice in the Detroit series, which is something that was missing the first two months.

— Bobby Crosby’s steadiness. The A’s shortstop hit his 20th double Wednesday, which puts him among baseball’s leaders. Manager Bob Geren gave him a shot in the cleanup hole for the first time, and Crosby responded with a pair of hits, including a two-run double. From what I can tell, and from what scouts have said, he has cut down a hole in his swing, and it’s more compact, which allows him to wait an extra split-second. Therefore, he doesn’t seem as prone to go fishing for pitches out of the zone. And how ’bout his durability? Who’d have thought he’d be the only Athletic to play every one of the first 60 games?

— Justin Duchscherer’s solid starts: “Duke” has allowed only four hits in his past two home starts, and only 10 in his past three starts, period. Guess he was right all along, when he insisted he was more suited to starting than relieving.


  • Niagara Mike

    Blanton is brutal. He is the 6th or 7th best starter on this team. When will management sit him down?