JH the DH

Lineups for today’s series opener — A’s: Hannahan DH; Crosby SS; Cust LF; Chavez 3B; Ellis 2B; Barton 1B; Buck RF; Gonzalez CF; Suzuki C. Yankees: Damon LF; Jeter SS; Abreu RF; A-Rod 3B; Giambi DH; Posada C; Betemit 1B; Cano 2B; Cabrera CF.

No big shockers from the A’s side. Crosby is starting despite the sore ankle, although Bob Geren said he was curious to see how Crosby and Huston Street (sore groin) were feeling after batting practice. It’s not out of the question one or both could be unavailable.

Hannahan gets another start at DH. Right now he looks like their best bet atop the order. Emil Brown continues to be the odd man out of the playing rotation in the OF/DH mix. Using Hannahan at DH is a convenient way to keep his bat in the lineup for now. Things get trickier for Geren once Frank Thomas returns to man the DH spot. Speaking of the Big Hurt, Geren said Thomas will visit a doctor in Los Angeles on Wednesday, but he’s progressing well. It’s possible he could be back in the lineup June 20, when the A’s get back from their swing through NL ballparks and the DH returns.






Joe Stiglich

  • Jan K Oski

    “Things will get tricky”? I think it is as simple as who earns their stay. It seems obvious to me a Buck-Sixty doesn’t earn Travis playing time, even though he is seen as a future piece in the outfield. How many eligible years does Travis have left for the minors? Carlos has outplayed him, so he deserves an extended look. If Travis gets hot in the minors, release or trade Brown, and bring him up. If he stays in a funk, it would a message to everyone that they need to produce to stay in the Majors. It would be nonsense to look at it any other way in my humble opinion, when the goal is to build a strong, balanced team.

  • Bee

    I agree 100%. The A’s are supposed to be 100% Baseball this year. Reward those who produce. Buck has be doing better and I like him in the field, so I think he gets a little more time to come around.

  • Jan K Oski

    Buck is doing better? Oops! I guess Beane and I are on the same page, but I’m with you Bee that I like how Buck plays. I hope he figures out what’s impeding him.

    On a positive noe, in his first game back, Sweeney continues to impress. This team has a bright future with all of these young players. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Beane!

  • Bee

    I agree that optioning Travis Buck to the River Cats was the right thing to do. He’s a great player and is capable of being a good hitter, but he hasn’t found his swing this year and AAA is the place to do it. I have a feeling he will right his ship and be back up before long. You gotta love a Sweeney-Gonzaled-Buck outfield.

    And yes, Jan, it sends a message to everyone fighting for an MLB slot that they need to produce to stay in the majors. Aong that line, Emil Brown bat was silent until this weekend and I thought he was a candidate to be traded or sent down. If he continues to hit, he can produce and should stay here. If he doesn’t then we shouldd say goodbye to him. Same for Jack Cust. Yes, he leads the majors in walks and is up there in OBP, but he’s struck out a lot with runners in scoring position lately and had a long O-fer. He’s on the cusp, if you pardon my pun, and needs to produce.