A Brown out?

Lineup tonight — DH Jack Hannahan, SS Bobby Crosby, LF Jack Cust, 3B Eric Chavez, 2B Mark Ellis, CF Carlos Gonzalez, 1B Daric Barton, RF Travis Buck, C Kurt Suzuki — is the same as it was last night, and pretty much what it’s been for the past week.

Notice anybody conspicuous by his absence?

Yep, no Emil Brown again. Manager Bob Geren kind of stumbled his way around a question regarding the fact that Brown hasn’t started five straight games, but eventually said that Brown will be playing mostly against lefties now. Here are his splits going into tonight.

Anyway, it’s not overly surprising, even though Brown is the team’s RBI leader. The man is as shaky in the outfield as Jack Cust, and after a great six weeks, he’s turning into Emil Brown again. Plus, it gives Carlos Gonzalez and Travis Buck a chance to play everyday, and that’s how it should be.

Nevertheless, it’s not every year when a team’s rib-eye leader can’t crack the lineup.







  • Bee

    Hi Rick,

    I have been saying for some time that Emil Brown needed to be sat down. All of his good numbers were in the first 6-8 weeks of the season. Since then he has been mediocre at the plate. So if anyone goes, maybe it should be him, unless he can start hitting again.

    It’s almost looks like the whole team is infected with the no-hitting virus, which takes a vacation about every 5-6 games, when they pile on the runs. They need to play small ball all the time to stay anywhere near the Angels. I know I said last week that the A’s can beat the Angels over the long haul. I’ll eat a little crow on that one.

    So Geren has to make a tough decision when Ryan Sweeney returns. Maybe putting someone on the DL will solve the problem short term, but eventually he’s going to have to deal with it with a more permanent solution.