Justin All-Star

Gotta admit, I didn’t catch much of the A’s this weekend. Spent it sweltering in Arizona, visiting relatives _ love you Preston and Judy _ and limited to box scores and game stories. But I can picture what Justin Duchscherer must’ve looked like today. He’s been the same all year long, and now he’s the best starter on the staff.

I suggest he become a closer someday, so he can be the only pitcher ever to be an All-Star as a starter, setup reliever and closer. OK, that might be a reach, but dang. Nobody, I mean nobody saw this coming.

To me, Duchscherer is the A’s All-Star. Huston Street blows too many saves. Mark Ellis is great, but he can’t control a game like Duchscherer can. Jack Cust? No. Eric Chavez? Once upon a time. Bobby Crosby? I’d rather see Duchscherer.

I’d rather see him, because he’s a good dude. I’m divorcing right now, and it’s a miserable experience. Duchscherer has taken the time, twice, to come up to me, unsolicited, and ask how I’m doing. If you’re around these athletes enough, you realize only a precious few have that quality. In general, players and execs are the most self-centered, all-about-me individuals you’ve ever met, and it really sticks out when you meet a guy who gets it.

That’s why he’s my vote. What do you guys think?





  • Oaktown

    Pretty easy call on the Duke being the A’s lone All-Star. He’s taken over from Blanton as staff ace. I’ve been there on that divorce road, Rick. Just keep your head up, everyday it’ll get better.

  • Bee

    I’m with you that Duke should be the A’s Allstar, if they only get one. I’d like to see Bobby Crosby get a nod as well. No one gets more clutch hits than he does and he is awesome in the field. I was one of the fans that was afraid that Bobby Crosby is “fragile” but at least so far, he’s proven us wrong on that score.

    As for the D-word: been there, done that, ain’t no fun–twice!. But hold your head up high and you’ll get through it a better person. If you have kids, love them a lot and don’t say anything negative to them about their mother, especially if they are small. They’ll love you for it now, and respect you for it later. Remember, there is a lot of good life left after the divorce is final. Don’t regret the past, embrace the future.

  • Steve Toomajian

    I think all A’s fans expect a “W” when Duke takes the mound. There are other pitchers in MLB who have a large repertoire of pitches. But how many of these pitchers can command all of their varied offerings? Somehow, Duke has mastered each pitch along with mixing his location. Pity the poor hitters!

    My second choice for All-Star would be Rich Harden, but as of today he has only 59 innings pitched.


    Most definately, Duke, is all-star worthy…but how about:

    -Rich Harden
    -Andrew Brown

    Both of them have solid numbers.

  • AsFan

    D U K E !