Justin All-Star

Gotta admit, I didn’t catch much of the A’s this weekend. Spent it sweltering in Arizona, visiting relatives _ love you Preston and Judy _ and limited to box scores and game stories. But I can picture what Justin Duchscherer must’ve looked like today. He’s been the same all year long, and now he’s the best starter on the staff.

I suggest he become a closer someday, so he can be the only pitcher ever to be an All-Star as a starter, setup reliever and closer. OK, that might be a reach, but dang. Nobody, I mean nobody saw this coming.

To me, Duchscherer is the A’s All-Star. Huston Street blows too many saves. Mark Ellis is great, but he can’t control a game like Duchscherer can. Jack Cust? No. Eric Chavez? Once upon a time. Bobby Crosby? I’d rather see Duchscherer.

I’d rather see him, because he’s a good dude. I’m divorcing right now, and it’s a miserable experience. Duchscherer has taken the time, twice, to come up to me, unsolicited, and ask how I’m doing. If you’re around these athletes enough, you realize only a precious few have that quality. In general, players and execs are the most self-centered, all-about-me individuals you’ve ever met, and it really sticks out when you meet a guy who gets it.

That’s why he’s my vote. What do you guys think?