Long-term investment

About to hop on a conference call w/Billy Beane, where the A’s are announcing the signing of Michael Inoa, the 16-year-old right-hander from the Dominican Republic … $4.25 million signing bonus reportedly. What? You weren’t pulling down $4 million-plus in your job when you were 16? I know, me neither. That’s the name of  the game these days though, when it comes to big league teams pursuing young players in Latin America.

Being a GM and flying to the Dominican to wow a kid like Inoa must feel like being a college football coach and sitting in the living room of a top recruit. You’re making a sales pitch, and with Beane’s personality, I could see him winning over a kid and his family if given enough time. Clearly, the A’s think the world of Inoa’s ability. But you can bet this was a statement to future international players that the A’s are serious about getting the best players. Still, this is a lot of cash to invest in a player so far away from making it to the bigs. Any thoughts?

And now the bad news: Eric Chavez is headed back to the DL for his shoulder pain. Wes Bankston was called up to take his roster spot. Sorry, that’s all the details for now. More later … 


Joe Stiglich