Is it really him?

OK, so the Lakers have Jack Nicholson. Turns out the Chicago White Sox have some star power in their fan base as well. I was walking through the lobby here at U.S. Cellular Field and passed right by the Rev. Jesse Jackson.  It was one of those, “It can’t possibly be him moments,” because the lobby was practically empty except for him. A Sox employee confirmed for me it was Jackson, and that he takes in the occasional Sox game. Jackson played quarterback at North Carolina A&T and was actually offered a contract by the Sox out of high school. Thought about getting his take on whether the A’s should trade Harden. Then I thought about getting him to do a spontaneous reading of “Green Eggs and Ham,” like he did on that hilarious Saturday Night Live skit a few years back. Didn’t do either …

Back to the world of the A’s … maybe there was a reason Keith Foulke got rocked Wednesday in Anaheim. He went on the DL today with what’s being described as right shoulder inflammation. Jerry Blevins, who was closing at Triple-A, was called up to take his place. Anybody out there feeling less than confident in the A’s relief corps these days? For those counting, that’s 17 DL transactions this season for the A’s. Remember it was just last season they tied an Oakland record with 22. Unbelievable …

Bob Geren is giving Wes Bankston his third straight start tonight, this time at first base with Barton riding the bench. Yesterday Bankston was picked to DH over Emil Brown. The A’s obviously don’t see the harm in seeing what this kid’s got … 


Joe Stiglich

  • AsFan

    A kid like Bankston must look at the A’s hitters and think “I can do that!”
    …and so far he can.
    The Wally Pips on the A’s roster should take careful notice, …Jesus Guzman is beating on the door also, …and Cahil Express keeps chugging along, …8-inning beauty! …maybe they should cut Cahill’s innings back to 5 per in case he makes the A’s this year and extends his season way beyond the lighter innings/games he is used to pitching! LOL

  • Bee

    The DL bug that has infected the A’s again this year is troubling. Since we are supposedly in a rebuilding mode, according to Billy Beane, maybe we should go with the “kiddie corps” and try to move Foulke and Embree who have given up frustrating game-losing dingers of late. When we get Joey Devine back and if Santiago Casilla can find the strike zone consistently, do we need them?

    I love watching these kids play their hearts out, and be successful. It’s a joy, and reminds us all about what made professional baseball our national pastime: the love of the game, not the big salaries and egos.

  • AsFan

    As to relievers Geren/Young have been guilty of overusing thier “favorites”.
    Theirs seems to be the mentality of use the one that is hot til he is run onto the DL.
    Calero publicly stated “I can throw my stuff eaery other day for 3 outs per outing.
    Geren corrupted that the first weak.
    Duke, Cassilla, Street, Devine, …you pay the price if you are one of Geren’s favorites. LOL