Harden heading out?

You knew a rumor of this sort was coming, it was only a matter of time. But just heard that the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that the Cubs are in discussions with the A’s involving Rich Harden.

First thought: The Cubs might be responding to the acquisition by their NL Central rival Milwaukee Brewers of starter C.C. Sabathia. Second thought: This won’t be the only rumor involving Harden between now and July 31.

I’m leaning toward thinking the proper avenue for the A’s is to deal Harden. He’s been quite hittable his past two starts, and perhaps they think they’re playing with house money now that Harden has made 11 straight starts without getting hurt. I’m sure there’s continuing concern that Harden can break again, especially since his fastball has lacked a little life in his past couple of starts.

Besides, the A’s are a longshot to win the American League West, and I don’t see them making a move in the wild-card standings unless they get completely healthy. They haven’t been completely healthy since the Lincoln administration (joke, people). The A’s have shown how replenishing with young talent can breathe life into an organization, and no reason to think they won’t get a bountiful of talent for Harden.

Still, you’d hate to stumble into a playoff berth and not have Harden on your roster.  Imagine a Cubs-A’s World Series in which Harden was pitching Game 7 against the A’s? (Yeah, right)

By the way, this question was posed to me during a radio show today? Who has a better shot to make the playoffs, the A’s or Giants? Had to say the Giants. How wack is that?





  • Byron

    Figures…but it’s the right call. BY GOD, i’ll miss Harden on the A’s roster, but we can always use a good influx of talent. How deep is the Cub’s Farm system? Can you do a piece about what they could offer, or what you think they could use the most? We could get better at 3B (where Chavez seems like a constant question mark nowadays), at 2B if Ellis is traded, and where else?

    I suppose sometimes you can just try and get the best players available, regardless of position, right?

  • Sometimes you just have to know when to let go. Harden has been an enigma during his career. If he is healthy, it is time to get value for him. Trust Beane! If he thinks that it is time to deal Harden and continue to restock the farm system, you have got to trust his instincts. He really has never been wrong before.

    Chavez should be next. The problem is, I doubt they could get any value for him.

    The Cubs would be pretty solid after this. When Zambrano gets back to full strength, seeing Harden and Big Z in a series would not fair well for their opponent. Combine the staff with the above average bullpen and the pristine hitting, and you have a championship caliber team.



    Petit is the answer at 2nd if we trade Elli. I would like to see Bankston get a start at 3rd to see how his arm is because I can’t trust Hannahan at all.

    The only way I would go for a Harden trade is if they have a big time arm and 3rd base prospect in their system. I am clueless as to the Cubs’ farm prospects, so I don’t know. We are loaded in the outfield so the only place I see a need is the infield and another solid arm.

    As much as I hate to say it, we are not a playoff team.Even if the health was there, we are borderline at best.We still lack that solid right had batter (Matt Holliday).

    It will hurt now but trade Harden for those needed areas. It will pay off in the end. Trust in Beane.

  • s1illafan

    I did a little research on the Cub’s farm system and didn’t find a single prospect who grades out better than somebody we already have in our own system at the same position except perhaps thier top prospect at first base. However, that is not a position we need prospects at.

    I flew into Seattle and met my brother who was out on business from D.C and we saw Harden pitch during his rookie year. The ball just shoots out of his arm and pops in the catchers glove. I had never seen a pitcher make a 98 mph fastball look so easy. However, his injury woes have really worn on me. I agree, he should go if we can get some good prospects for him. Our staff is solid without him.

    I just don’t like what I have seen of the Cub’s prospects.