Encore performance?

This from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: National League All-Star manager Clint Hurdle is considering four pitchers as candidates to start Tuesday’s game. One of the four is Arizona’s Dan Haren, who started for the AL last season for the A’s. Seems like an unlikely pick, if you ask me, but Haren has the chance to be the first pitcher to start back-to-back All-Star Games for different leagues. Only three pitchers — Vida Blue, Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson — have started for both leagues, period.

Haren’s stats are very solid (8-5, 2.83) and he’d be plenty rested heading into Tuesday. But I can’t see him getting the nod over Ben Sheets or Edinson Volquez, the others Hurdle is considering along with his own pitcher, Aaron Cook. And that’s not a slam on Haren, who has fulfilled expectations since being acquired from the A’s. But he isn’t even the best starter on his own staff, even though his ERA is lower than Brandon Webb’s right now. Who would you give the ball to?

Joe Stiglich