The Second Half

A few very quick thoughts before the A’s commence the second half with their final visit to Yankee Stadium:

— Huston Street will be the next one out the door. This is pure speculation, based on nothing other than what the A’s already have done this season. Can’t imagine Street’s value getting much higher than it is now, and clearly, the A’s have made the decision internally that they don’t think they’ll win this year. Among the teams that could use a closer or additional set-up guy: The Tampa Bay Rays, Arizona Diamondbacks, Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals.

— Justin Duchscherer will finish the season here, but don’t be shocked if he’s sent packing over the winter. Personally, I would hate that move — I love watching guys who can’t light up a radar gun pitch as effectively as Duke has — but again, it gets back to value, and Duchscherer’s may be at its peak.

— The A’s need to be very careful about the workoad they give to Dana Eveland and Greg Smith. No reason to pile on innings for these young arms.

— A .500 season is very doable, still. But it shouldn’t be, nor it will be, a primary focus of decision-making.

— Finally, a little late for this, and some obvious choices, but my first-half awards go to:

MVP: Justin Duchscherer. 

Biggest disappointment: Daric Barton.

Most pleasant surprise: Bobby Crosby, for staying on the field. P

rospect who impressed me the most: Carlos Gonzalez.

Prospect I didn’t expect to be this good: A tie between Ryan Sweeney and Greg Smith.

Won’t be blogging again til Sunday. Talk to you then.