Seen enough?

Had trouble accessing our posting page the past couple of days, so I was unable to take credit for the reassignment of Donnie Murphy in timely fashion.  The joke is that my last post got him run back to the minors, but I think it’s the fact that he couldn’t hit a breaking ball to save his life.

Anyway, I’m predicting about 10,000 max for tonight’s second-place “showdown” against the Rangers. I don’t blame all the folks who’d rather stay at home. I’d argue this is the most unwatchable the A’s have been since 1998, early ’99. It’s not that they haven’t found some pieces to the puzzle, but I’d rather watch Carlos Gonzalez and Ryan Sweeney when they reach their full capabilities (assuming they do).

Meantime, they just became a bit more unwatchable today, because third baseman Eric Chavez hinted big time before the game that he might not play again this season. Dude’s got a bad shoulder, and he said it’s not gonna get much better, surgery or no surgery. So I’m thinking the A’s better start thinking about moving him to first base pretty soon. Too bad, because nobody in the 50 years of Bay Area baseball has wielded the glove at third base like Chavez has, but it’s time.

One thing left unsaid is whether he’s facing the end of his career. That would be too bad. Chavez really has never had a chance to be physically sound at a stage in his career where he was emotionally mature enough to let his talents show. He gets a bad rap from fans, because his production hasn’t been great, but if you guys knew what this guy went through to get himself ready for a game, you’d be stunned. I asked him several times if I could do a story on it, but he always turned me down because he’d say his job was to be on the field, and it didn’t matter what it took to get there. He’s a real humble, decent guy, and his inability to get on the field bothers him more than you know.

Are you guys Eric Chavez supporters, or have you tired of him?



  • ghostrunner

    I want to like Chavez, but I believed at the time and it is only obvious now that they should of invested in Tejada instead. Good guy, great glove,but never hit well in clutch situations. That sums it up.

  • Steve Toomajian

    For the sake of Eric Chavez, I hope he can regain his strength and resume his career. He has been a team player who has taken the field despite numerous aches and pains.
    However, the A’s need to fill third base with a proven major league power hitter. Big Chris Carter is being groomed for the future, but he is still at Class A Stockton.

  • sticker1898

    Eric Chavez is gallant. Eric Chavez is a work horse. I believe he is a team player and perhaps one of the half dozen great defensive third basemen of all time. What he is not is a dependable hitter, especially in a clutch situation. I’ve seen a tad too much swinging at 2 foot wide pitches to accept that he will never be more than a sometimes hitter. However,given the current status of our offense, any contribution that he might make this year or next, probably at first base, would be a plus. Over hyped Daric Barton is not the answer. Neither are Bankston or Hannahan. Who’s down on the farm? I don’t know. But, as it stands today, this team is becoming more awful by the day.

  • Mike

    As a fan, I’m frustrated.

    As a fellow human being who also had an athletic career derailed by a shoulder injury, my heart hurts for him. I suspect he’s more frustrated then we are that a promising career has been completely derailed like this.

  • Bee

    As a long-time A’s fan who has always been positive about the team, even I am frustrated at the “July Swoon.” These guys are going to be good, but their initial makin’-it-to-the-Show bubble has burst and they are struggling. Well, Ryan Sweeney is still doing very well, but they’re rookies being rookies, second-guessing themselves, over swinging and trying too hard. They’ll mature, and I think they are fun to watch, but the A’s are losing a lot of games they should be winning, and that’s frustrating, even for me.

  • Eric is a good guy. Maybe he will be at first next. As for Donnie Murphy Bill Beane said we don’t need Marco we have Donnie. The A’s are a joke. The Cubs and Diamondbacks are happy there are teams like Oakland. larryh