Let the auditions begin …

A little news today involving two of the players the A’s received in the Rich Harden/Chad Gaudin deal. Outfielder Matt Murton was sent down and 2B/OF Eric Patterson was called up from Triple-A. Bob Geren had two lineups sitting in front of him before the game — one with Patterson in the leadoff spot and one without Patterson — depending on whether Patterson arrived from Round Rock, Texas, in time for Sunday’s game. Patterson did make it and he’s starting today in left field.

Not a shocker Patterson got the call. There’s no use for the A’s to wait until rosters expand to see what some of these minor leaguers can do. That’s the reason Brooks Conrad was called up last week. Patterson has seen his most action playing second base this season, but Geren mentioned before the game Patterson will get his immediate playing time in left field.

More than anything, I think the A’s want to give this guy a chance in the leadoff spot, which has been a revolving door situation. The A’s will say they don’t always utilize a prototypical leadoff guy like most teams. True, but you at least need to identify someone you want in that spot on a daily basis. Patterson has some speed (16 steals in the minors this season) and a little pop in his bat. One scout told me after the Harden trade that Patterson projects as a better player than his older brother, Corey, who plays for the Reds. And look for the A’s to get Patterson a little time at second base. Might as well see if he’s capable of holding down that position in case Mark Ellis isn’t re-signed. I know fans are getting fed up with the young, anonymous players shuttling in and out of the lineup. But now that the A’s have committed to this direction, they might as well see what kind of hand they’ve been dealt with some of these guys. 



Joe Stiglich

  • Steve Toomajian

    With the promotion of Eric Patterson, we are finally seeing a commitment by A’s management to a prototypical leadoff hitter. From now on, it will be a competition between Patterson, Cliff Pennington, Adrian Cardenas, Archie Gilbert, and Jemile Weeks as to who holds down the leadoff spot on a long term basis.

    This is the biggest clue to A’s fans trying to identify how Billy Beane plans to rebuild this team. Yes, there will always be pitching and defense in Oakland. But the speed element will finally be restored to the team, leaving only this question: Who will provide the power?
    Definitely, Sean Doolittle and Chris Carter are in the mix, but Billy will probably continue his pattern of acquiring proven DH types via trade or free agency.

  • a’s fans u will quickly see that patterson is a one tool player;he has speed and thats it. he can hit at triple a ,not at big league level, just like murton.

  • Son of Hendu

    Beane threw in the towel and the team did the same. Let see what the kids can do.

    Also Ty Van Strike Out should be dead man walking. Someone will have to pay on how bad the A’s has been at the plate this year.

  • Scott no.2

    I know it’s still hard to realize that the team is being de-constructed. But I still believe Beane knows what he’s doing. He’s building up for the Fremont move. it provides no solice now. but in a few years we should see what the A’s really can do. He’s been a mastermind so I will stick this out as long as I can.

    until then, lower deck seats and no fighting for foul balls!

  • Jan K Oski

    Amen Scott No. 2!

    Do people realize that the Oakland Coliseum sucks for baseball? If fans want to see improved hitting, the A’s must find another home. Let’s just pray that it comes sooner than later, so we don’t have to see a whole sale again.

  • Oakland Si

    Blame the ballpark for poor hitting? why then do they hit so poorly on the road as well? I think it’s more a case of young hitters as well as some who are not good major league hitters.

    I’ve been attending games at the coliseum since 1980, both before and after the Mt Davis makeover. I’ve seen some very good hitting there, both by the A’s and by opposing teams. the fact that it’s considered more a pitchers’ park does not mean it “sucks for baseball”…and I’ve been to many major league ballparks in my life.

  • Jan K Oski

    Si, here’s a lesson for disputing someone else’s idea, give some facts besides your own bias. For example, show some stats to back up your claim. I’m basing my thoughts on what was said before a game about Mark Ellis and several other players. The stats show that the A’s hit better away was the claim. You might not like it, but those are the facts. The coliseum isn’t baseball friendly. The A’s won’t be playing there if Wolfe or someone else does it. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but that’s reality.