Mr. Positive

How many of you believe in the notion that positive energy attracts positive energy? Just askin’ this morning, because I had a brief encounter with Mike Sweeney before the game, and if anybody has positive energy to give, it’s him.

Sweeney befriended me in spring training during an interview I did with him to talk about his background. We finished the interview, and then we talked for another 20 minutes about my pending divorce, the spiritual journey that the event has engendered in my life and the inherent challenges awaiting. I left the interview thinking that this was one of the great people I’d ever met in my life.

Now, I’m asking for some positive energy to go his way. Sweeney likely won’t play again this season because of knee problems, and it’s a distinct possibility that he’ll never again be healthy enough to be an effective major league player. I walked up to him before BP today and told him I was sorry to hear that news, and, in typical Sweeney fashion, he said, “Thanks. Things could be a lot worse, though.” Indeed, they could, and that’s a little reminder I keep saying to myself during this own tumultuous time in my life.

Anyway, then he walked over to the dugout, spotted a woman with two very young girls (say around 8 years old) at her side. First, Sweeney said hello. Then he told the girls that they were beautiful. And then he went into the dugout, grabbed two baseballs and gave them to the two kids. Brought a smile to my face and took me from a glum place to a peaceful one.

The man is a special one. Keep your good thoughts coming his way.